Augustina Pedroza

Lupe Pedroza
Shemar Pierce
Cecilia Ramos
Guadalupe Rojas
Liz Vasquez

Founding mothers

Laura Cruz-Hernandez

Tammy Loredo
Laura Martinez
Evangelina Moran
Karina Murcia
Ruby Nieto






Academic Excellence

The Founding Mothers of Sigma Theta Psi created the sorority on November 13, 1991 at San Jose State University to fill a void of multicultural awareness on their campus.

They sought to create a sisterhood that would embrace and celebrate cultural diversity, and that was rooted in the shared principles of respect, honesty, open-mindedness, loyalty, leadership, and academic excellence.

Since its founding, Sigma Theta Psi has remained a sisterhood unparalleled by any other. The multicultural sorority is a well-organized society of dedicated and goal-oriented women, and continues to grow strong today.

Lourdes Andrade

Isabel Arias

Blanca De La Torre

​Beatrice Gomez

​Maria Gonzalez

​Carmen Guzman

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