Augustina Pedroza

Lupe Pedroza
Shemar Pierce
Cecilia Ramos
Guadalupe Rojas
Liz Vasquez

Lourdes Andrade

Isabel Arias

Blanca De La Torre

​Beatrice Gomez

​Maria Gonzalez

​Carmen Guzman


The founding mothers of Sigma Theta Psi created the sorority on November 13, 1991 at San Jose State University to fill a void of multicultural awareness on their campus.

They sought to create a sisterhood that would embrace and celebrate cultural diversity, and that was rooted in the shared principles of respect, honesty, open-mindedness, loyalty, leadership, and academic excellence.
Since its founding, Sigma Theta Psi has remained a sisterhood unparalleled by any other. The multicultural sorority is a well-organized society of dedicated and goal-oriented women, and continues to grow strong today.

Laura Cruz-Hernandez

Tammy Loredo
Laura Martinez
Evangelina Moran
Karina Murcia
Ruby Nieto

Founding mothers